Re-instatement of an employee after unfair dismissal

Re-instatement or re-engagement of an employee after an unfair dismissal trial

When we think of an unfair dismissal tribunal the two most common outcomes that spring to mind are either that the employee loses the case and continues with employment elsewhere, or if the case is found in their favour a financial award is paid by the employer. But there is another scenario that both employers … Read more

Employees guide to employment tribunals and court claims

An Employee’s guide to Employment Tribunals and Court Claims

Bringing an Employment Tribunal or Court claim can seem like a daunting prospect given the potential time, cost and risks involved. But if you’re clear what your claims are, have strong evidence to support these and are prepared to follow the Tribunal or Court process, there is no reason why you cannot bring a successful … Read more

Employer's guide to Tribunals & Court Claims

The Employer’s guide to Tribunals & Court Claims

Dealing with an Employment Tribunal or Court claim can be a time-consuming and costly exercise and there are risks and uncertainty associated with litigation. However, with careful planning, well-organised and strong documentation, and the support of a great employment lawyer (like us!), you can ensure claims are defended swiftly and successfully. Who can make an … Read more

Image of redundant employee

Redundancy – an employee guide

Losing your job is scary, and redundancy can be a stressful experience, but you do have rights and there are strict redundancy procedures that employers must follow. In this guide, we’ll take you through the key points of the redundancy process, including your rights and some tips on how to manage the process. What is … Read more

Settlement agreements graphic

The Employer’s Guide to Settlement Agreements

As an employer there are a variety of circumstances where you might want to agree an employee’s exit from the business on mutually agreed terms and want the security of knowing that no litigation will follow. The most common way to achieve this is by using a settlement agreement. Settlement agreements can benefit both employer … Read more

handbooks, policies & contracts best practice

Handbooks, policies and contracts best practice

A question we are often asked by employers is how often handbooks, policies and contracts should be reviewed. Our advice would be no less than every two years and if you were being very vigilant, every year. The reality of keeping on top of these documents for businesses can be quite different though, especially for … Read more

Blog on fire and rehire

Contractual changes and the use of fire and rehire

This term fire and rehire can be used to refer to a situation where employers dismiss and then re-employ workers on different terms and conditions. Or in some cases it is used as a bargaining tool, suggested to workers during negotiations on changing their terms and conditions. Some businesses may view fire and rehire as … Read more